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RISE E-News Fall 2016

Hello CSRPs and RISE supporters!
Even through the fall months, RISE is committed to connecting the solar industry with professional roofing contractors. If you didn't have a chance to tune in to the recent webinar Rooftop Solar Systems: A Unique Wealth Creation Opportunity for Roofing Contractors presented by current RISE Board President Aaron Nitzkin, a recording is available on the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) website . If you're interested in viewing the webinar, please contact In addition to this valuable presentation, read on to find out about more important happenings at RISE and in the solar roofing industry!

RISE holds strategic planning session at Solar Power International
On Sept. 12, the RISE board of directors met in Las Vegas during the annual Solar Power International (SPI) conference to conduct a strategic planning session. The purpose of the planning session was to identify new education, training and other rooftop solar-related resources that will support and advance the industry; generate public enthusiasm for rooftop solar; and determine how RISE can increase the value of the CSRP credential to certified individuals, the greater solar industry and the public. One recommendation from this meeting was to work with NRCA and other solar industry certifying bodies to develop new specialized credentialing programs and to provide related education and training to assist individuals—from new industry employees to installing contractors—in developing their competencies for rooftop solar. Watch for updates as the RISE board and NRCA work to develop these new credentialing programs.

Supporting data needed
Another topic discussed during the RISE strategic planning session was the industry's need for more specific data about current issues or "pain points" experienced by building owners, installing contractors, manufacturers and other stakeholders after rooftop solar installations have been in service for a few years. Data reflecting these issues is needed from the greater solar and roofing industries to make informed decisions about which programs and support tools to create. If you are aware of any related data to support these efforts, please contact Brad Martz, RISE program manager, at

NRCA to offer class for roofing professionals at International Roofing Expo
On Feb. 28, 2017, during the 2017 International Roofing Expo® in Las Vegas, NRCA will offer Rooftop Solar 101: A Roofing Contractor's Guide for Entering the Solar PV Market . This three-hour session will be presented by Aaron Nitzkin, founder and CEO of Solar Roof Dynamics, and Jeff Spies, senior director of policy at Quick Mount PV. Topics covered will include the strength and growth potential of the solar market; options for roofing contractors to integrate solar PV into their companies; basic principles for solar PV products and technologies; and more. For a detailed description and to register, click here.

Arizona potentially facing government solar setbacks
On Oct. 12, Arizona released a Recommended Order and Opinion that would end net metering as currently known in Arizona. The proposal would affect homeowners and small businesses in Arizona by replacing net metering with two methodologies that substantially undervalue the economic and environmental benefits provided by distributed generation. More details are available in the blog "New Recommended Solar Order a Raw Deal for Arizona" by Tom Kimbis, interim president and general counsel of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Check out this update and more on the SEIA blog.

Cheap solar energy in Texas threatens generator profits
Developers are expected to build about 4 gigawatts of commercial-scale solar panel capacity in Texas by the end of the decade, according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance from October 2016. This news points to cheaper solar energy that threatens to depress electricity prices during peak midday hours in the Lone Star state. For more information about how these new developments in Texas will affect coal- and natural gas-fired power producers, read "Solar Power Is About to Hit Texas Generators Where It Hurts Most" by Jonathan Crawford of Bloomberg.

RISE exhibits at key solar expos
RISE prioritizes increasing awareness of and growing the CSRP credential by exhibiting at pivotal shows in the solar industry throughout the year. In San Francisco in July, RISE exhibited at Intersolar, and in September, RISE traveled to Las Vegas to exhibit at SPI. It is always great to see the current and prospective CSRPs that are represented at these important shows.

Further, on Nov. 9-10, RISE and NRCA will exhibit at the Solar Power PV Conference & Expo in Chicago. For information about attending this conference, click here. This conference was intentionally scheduled in Chicago in anticipation of the Illinois House of Representatives passing new legislation in spring of 2017 that will help propel rooftop solar market opportunities throughout the state. The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) has made great progress in working directly with the Illinois house to develop this new legislation. For more information about this solar-related legislation, click here.

CSRP™ project profiles
If you are a Certified Solar Roofing Professional™ (CSRP) and have a project you are proud of and would like to be featured in our newsletter or the RISE website, please send photos and a short description of the project details to RISE staff at

Next CSRP exam date
The next CSRP exam date is March 3, 2017 (the application deadline is Feb. 3, 2017). The exam will be offered at a testing center within 150 miles of your home. Spread the word about this career-changing credential—encourage your colleagues to apply now !

Did you like what you read today? Forward this newsletter to a friend in the solar industry and tell them how being a CSRP could change their career. Want more information? Visit or contact RISE staff at (847) 493-7574 or

"The RISE CSRP program is valuable to all stakeholders by providing roof construction expertise and helping to mitigate risk in the developing PV industry, especially as it matures."

Aaron Martin
RISE Board of Directors

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